Friday, June 22, 2007

Finland, Open Crossings, Puffins and Family Trips

Having just returned for Training Instructors in Helsinki, so much has been happening on the Island and lots of great pics to share. Been busy on the water since arriving back, so here's a few pics from trips yesterday.

The o'Sullovan family who sailed over from N Ireland, are heading back today (ideal sea conditions), an enjoyable training session with the Vancouver Island Youth Expedition team, (Puffins were especially curious about them)
and there has been particular excitement about the number of Basking Shark encounters, swimming around around and under the kayaks... i'll try for some pics this weekend!

Many thanks to Justine and Barry who paddled our new Triton over from N Wales on Tuesday, I was still in Finland when Justine texted me to see if I would be there to pick them up... Lucky enough I got back just before them. Well done guys, fast crossing considering the F6 wind and associated sea conditions.
Mike and Joe paddled to Portaferry, Northern Ireland two weeks ago, as part of their marathon training for the Cheshire Ring Race. Under 9 hours there, and 9 and a half back, a fantastic achievement!

And finally a few pics from sunny Finland,
can't wait to return again next year.

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DaveO said...

Very interesting website. I have a friend on Walney Island near Barrow-In-Furness who used to head out to to your island to party as a young man. I'd love to arrange a paddle next time I'm over. Lots of Lake Superior experience but very little ocean.