Sunday, November 18, 2007

Year-round Adventurous Experiences...

We're often asked when our 'season' finishes and "what do we do in the winter"?

My answer as always is that we operate all year round, but dress dependant upon conditions and what activities we are participating in. We provide super fleecy tops and winter drycags on the sea when its colder, because of course its more fun when your warm and dry.

FACT - every one of our record days on the water, have been in the colder months!
This week has given a mixture of 'chilly' sunny days, and others that have been overcast, with a delightful combination of wind and rain...

We live on a very versatile Island, with plenty of little places to hide from the weather should it be adverse, and so many places to capitalise on when its fantastic. 'Toddler' seals are scattered about many of the rocky inlets, and you may not even realise they are there until your close by...
Beginners kayak courses, and rock climbing sessions are still very popular at weekends. Theory sessions on hill navigation will begin on Tuesday evenings whilst the pool is closed, and we are taking bookings for Christmas Sea Kayak Trips and Coasteering sessions.

To help you with your bookings, we have updated our website to make the details of our trips, courses and activities more clear, and to put our prices for all activities in one place for convenience.

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