Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Young Adventurers' and the Adventure Club!

Tuesday evening saw the inaugral session of the 'Young Adventurers' - youth coaching program, and we couldn't have selected more ideal conditions! Replacing the indoor pool sessions over the summer holidays, the course runs on Tuesday evenings every other week, and will continue (in addition to the regular pool courses - restarting on the 09th) when school begins again in September. However, unlike the pool courses which are open to different ages and abilities, (particularly used by those who wish to gain experience of kayak safety and 'wet' skills before or in addition to taking coaching sessions on the sea) the 'Young Adventurers' course is aimed specifically at the 10 - 13yrs age group, and members of the Adventure Club - Family and Corporate are automatically placed on the course. In addition to sea kayaking, our 'young adventurers' will also get to experience other exciting activity sessions designed specifically for them.
A few pics from 'Mighty Triton Experiences' ran out of Port Erin, (Seals are in abundance and very inquisitive, little ones nibbling carry toggles on the kayaks) the and coasteering around St Patrick's Isle. Evening paddles and Corporate days are filling very fast, alongside kayaking course, trips and other adventures - open to absolute beginners and those with experience alike.
Advance booking of your adventurous experience with us makes our life a little easier...
We schedule open sessions on the Calendar system for individuals and smaller groups as well as open booking space for larger groups or customised activities. If the session your looking for is not clearly visable, please contact us and we'll organise it for you!

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