Saturday, November 08, 2008

the cycle of change...

Its a time of change - in many ways, from the vibrant colours of the leaves to the bigger picture of the world on general.
The only thing that is guaranteed is - things change!
Generally for the better - and a great example of this are the students on our Youth Scholarship Program, in whom we see numerous small positive changes as training continues, and they gather increased confidence through working hard and achieving, pushing personal limits and working together to towards the final goal.
As the dates for the Norway 2009 Expedition loom closer, so do the dates for their A' Level and IB final exams, how they deal with pressure is one of the ways their individual characters and teamwork is displayed and the distance every one has come already is positive inspiration.

On the subject of change, Kelvin's Tackle has now relocated from Michael St, Peel to Ballabrooie - Adventurous Experinces base, and will open again for trading in the new premises from March 2009. Till then Kelvin can be contacted with any enquiries through;
Orders for kayaks and kit needed before Christmas will need to be made as soon as possible

We have been using the windy conditions to get ahead on projects at Ballabrooie, scheduled to begin over Christmas, and the newsletter out in December with keep you informed as to our upgraded facilities, Adventure Club products and services and our new range of courses - (both practical and evening theory course) beginning January 2009.
Email me for details before then;

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