Monday, February 16, 2009

'Discover Sea Kayaking'

It's always a special experience; leading students into sea kayaking for the first time. This 'first impression' of the sport is so important as it forms the basis of the decision to continue - on the road with so many avenues of enjoyment. An immediate beginning to a progressive positive change in lifestyle, perceptions, new shared experiences and fulfillment.
It's a flexible solution to 'down time', stress relief, escapism and work / life balence. Providing the flexibility to gauge individual needs and ability within a group, and to structure the time and content of the trip or session to suit, is what makes our staff so important to this process. Providing challenge and excitment where desired, and catering for different needs - from off the water breaks to advice and practice of new personal kit! (Including drysuits)

How to Learn
We run beginners Sea Kayak Trips regularly; see Schedule, and the next 'Discover Sea Kayaking' course with spaces begins 01st march.
Some students prefer to complete a indoor pool course prior to learning on the sea - the next 'Kayak Safety & Core Skills' indoor pool course with spaces begins 07th April.

Evening / Night Paddle
Tomorrow evening is looking excellent for a perfect night paddle, available to beginners and those who have paddled with us before. Flat calm sea and toastie warm in our comfortable paddle wear. A guaranteed Unforgettable Adventurous Experience!

We selected Port St Mary for Sunday's sessions; very sheltered for the absolute beginners and the more lively waters outside for excursions for the more experienced. The Calf was as ever; stunning and peaceful with seals and sea birds all about! Saw a few Guillimots near Sugarloaf Stack, so we may see the huge numbers of the comical migratory bird return for breeding on the sea cliffs early again this year; countless rows of teeming black and white. The constant flurry of activity and noise often revealing intermingling Razorbills sharing the same nesting sites.

Whilst on a lively note, a few images from the Youth Scholarship training session, as they put a few of their skills into practice whilst exploring the 'rock gardens' of the West Coast ...

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