Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coaching at all levels - adventure on the Isle of Man

Rock Climbing - for beginners

Bev & Mill booked for a Rock Cimbing session with us, having had very little previous experience.

So we started off with some basic footwork and easy bouldering around Peel Castle, increasing the gradient slowly and emphasising the use of the legs.
We then headed round to a few roped climbs, and selected one which suited their ability.
Warm and sunny, with a light sea breeze... pretty nice!

Sunday's Sea Kayak Training

Kicking off with a beginners and improvers session in the morning, we used a corner of the bay to practice strokes and edging before setting off along the coast.

Taking a break beneath the cliffs before heading back to the beach.

Some challenging conditions for this ability level, and everyone improved visibly during the trip.

The Intermediates headed for the Sound where thare was a easy flow running, perfect for the coaching session we had in mind.

With plenty of practice an different angles of breaking in and out of the current, we finished with wet skills, including a couple of re-entry and rolls!

The evening session was for the lads training for the open crossing to Scotland at the beginning of July.

We used the ample conditions to enhance their forward paddling - particularly the delivery of power, and also managed some breathtaking views, and a sorte through the cave.

The sea mist and low cloud which had been intermittant througout the day was peeling back from Bradda head as we paddled home..

Another tremendous day on the water!


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