Monday, September 06, 2010

Bespoke Corporate Training

Continued Professional Development

Outdoor development training programmes are widely used for team building, leadership and management development. Our bespoke programmes are designed, in conjunction with the client, to meet specific learning objectives. The outdoor elements of the programmes are carefully designed simulations aimed at putting theory into practice in a memorable and enjoyable way.

Our team building days give unparalleled experiences to work groups, through shared experiences, building trust and long term working relationships, nurturing leadership and communication and enhancing motivation; increasingly effective at integrating new staff and getting the most from your existing team

Friday's Corporate Team Building Day was designed to integrate new recruits into a team, exploring and challenging personal limits and motivation, delveloping a team awareness and positive attitude whilst delivering thought provoking experiences along the way.

A truely enjoyable memorable day - an absolute pleasure to deliver!
Wishing the whole team all the best over the next few weeks of training...

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