Monday, December 06, 2010

watching Dolphins from a sea kayak!

A very exciting climax to the day paddle yesterday...
After an atmospheric start, with superb light as we paddled from Port St Mary, through Sugarloaf caves and then across the Sound to South Harbour.

Later in the afternoon, returning from a play in the Sound, a pod of about 20 Dolphins's swam past the group. Two performed a synchronised aerial stunt high in the air in the middle of the Sound tidal flows.

It was a very excited group who returned to Port St Mary yesterday afternoon!
The Dolphins cruised alongside for a while, and we watched them rise and exhale in bunches dotted around the whole pod.

With such a large black dorsal fin its easy to see how they could be mistaken for other larger marine creatures :)

"fab, fab and super fab thoroughly enjoyed today's paddle. See you Friday for feasting and merriment!  Rach"

Looking forward the the Adventure Club meal & social on Friday, followed by a weekend of paddling!

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