Saturday, May 28, 2011

Basking Sharks have arrived!

 There are a group of three Basking Sharks feeding at the surface in Port Erin Bay, two more at the Sound...
 ... I wonder how many more are below?! This is the first verified sighting this year, and bang on time : )
The Gannets have been diving furiously for the last few weeks and jellyfish are appearing slowly...
 This mornings Coasteering session ran on the South Coast of the Isle of Man, with a little bit of swell running.
 Nice clean jumps and great fun timing the landings with the wave sets.
 This group are now booking the extended route - a 4 hour session with some commitment, rewarded by stunning caves and immense scenery!
I can't wait!;
Some pics from the Sea Kayaking session this afternoon.
 A Stag party with the unusual addition that most of the group could already paddle...
 ...and the stag could run quickly when necessary!
Hope to take you out for a more extensive paddle next time : )

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