Monday, June 27, 2011

Discover Sea Kayaking - Sunday sessions

The last few sessions we have delivered have been folk wishing to experience their first sea kayaking session. Having enjoyed it immensely and found that they wanted to learn more, the next step is the 'Discover Sea Kayaking' course. Running year-round, this course is offered as 4 consecutive sessions on the sea.
Our training sessions on Sundays split into groups for absolute beginners & improvers, up to those pushing their limits in Intermediate and Advanced conditions. 

 Scrambling, swimming, shuffling and shrieking your way along along a section of intertidal-zone on the Manx coastline is a definite must this summer. A fun-filled couple of hours, and terrific team-building activity.
Excitement can be a much or as little as required...

Corporate Evening Paddle
Off the beach at Port Erin, really nice to see the progression within the session, as confidence and balance increased, and the small shower became insignificant!

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