Friday, September 02, 2011

Seals frolic on sunset evening paddle

Last night's Evening Sea Kayak Trip, setting off beneath Peel Castle, was an absolute stunner!
What made this beautiful evening paddle so special was that the seals put on a constant display for us.
A family occasion, with everyone having done some kayaking previously, at some point...
 ...a fair few have been on Isle of Man Youth Expeditions to various locations : )
 For the entire journey we had a couple of seals playing with the kayaks, gnawing on the stern toggles, swimming on their backs beside and under the kayaks, jetting along in the clear waters beneath, making the whole experience constantly exciting!
 finishing back at the beach with a brilliant sunset breaking over Peel Castle and the sea behind...
The Quayle's have brought luck and merriment to every trip and expedition i've had the good fortune and pleasure to also be part of.

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