Monday, February 06, 2012

Kayaking with Dolphins

 Sunday's sea kayaking from laxey, on the NE Coast of the Isle of Man, headed North along the coast... Kim and Sam set off a little later, and paddling just offshore, ran straight into a pod of about 50 Dolphins! George headed out to meet them, whilst the morning group watched as the pod (swimming in three groups) surfed and played in the bow wave of a cruising boat, with occasional aerial flips...
And then they were amongst the paddlers!
 Pics by Sam Murphy
 Two pods of Porpoise also passed by, and families of Wild Goats munched happily on the cliff grass as we passed. A blissful lack of gales, an amazing morning on the water!! : )
 The Intermediate session in the afternoon also paddled North, undertaking a slightly longer distance, and with 'just' one pod of Porpoise and the odd goat to be seen...
Next Sunday's forecast is again looking promising, we'll be paddling the South Coast.
If we get the predicted calm clear evenings, night paddles will also appear on the website Calendar.
See you on the water soon
ps. a few images from tonight's sunset

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