Thursday, August 09, 2012

Vancouver 2012- Walking section

Mt Tom Taylor towered above our base camp at Baby Bedwell Lake 

 Navigation was put to the test through the overgrown trails and over snow

 We arrived at our camping spot on day three in mist...
 and left just as the morning sun began to pour into the valley.

Behind thick layered snow and rock, we discovered a huge waterfall. It plummeted, hidden beneath the snowfall and trickled out as a river 1km later. 

 The reflections in the ice melt lakes were unbeatable

 A fantastic expedition, in brilliant company. 
We were thoroughly impressed with everyone. One thing to take away from it is...
'on expeditions things change, you've just got to adapt'

Well done team and best of luck for the future!
Sam and Becca

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