Saturday, October 20, 2012

Coasteering - Isle of Man

This morning's Coasteering route was for two smaller groups of friends getting together for a bit of excitement and personal challenge. 
 Alice has become a regular on the weekend adventures now : )
The lads visiting from the UK were delighted with the effectiveness of this instant cure for the few social beverages last night...
I know we are going to see more of you, maybe for some sea kayaking too : )
Really fun session and just enough swell to create the perfect environment!

"Thanks for taking us out, and thanks to Kim too - I swear I'd be doing it every weekend if I could!
Will be back some time before the end of the year ..., although I think Nick's pretty set on doing the kayaking next."

"Hi Keirron / Kim - hopefully I left a "thank you" on the blog but just in case - thanks again! It was a great morning and left us fresh for the terrible golf we went on to play at Peel..." 

ps. a few pics from more adventures with Northy...

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