Monday, November 12, 2012

Wild Goats at Laxey

 Sunday's paddles from Laxey enjoyed calm conditions and plenty of sunshine!
 The morning session of Discover Sea Kayaking and the Adventure Club Improver's both headed North, spotting Wild Goats and the magnificent scenery. A couple of Peregrine Falcons overhead too.
 Time for a quick snack over lunch, and back on the water again.
The afternoon groups were a beginners Sea Kayak Trip and the Adventure Club Intermediates.
 The beginners trip again headed North, past a fair few wild goats, and found an especially sheltered bay to stop for Katia's flapjack and to hand round the flask of hot blackcurrent juice. The Intermediate session headed North round Maughold Head, and finished beneath the Queens Pier on Ramsey Beach.
 Quite a day! : )

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