Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weekend's paddling

Alice came out in the 'Mighty Triton' with me on Saturday's full day training trip.
George has been motivating the girls group, in readiness for their circumnavigation of the Isle of Man this summer. I think Alice and Katia may come with us...
A total mix of conditions and variety of scenery and marine life along the way.
Some pretty cool rainbows, without much rain...
A fine tail wind and some varying tidal streams gave more challenge to the afternoon, and the girls each had their turn at leading and navigating.
Today's Sunday Sea Kayak Training was based from Port Erin Beach. We split into Intermediates who headed out to run scenarios off Bradda Head, and the Discover group who used the surf in the bay to get to grips with manoeuvring their kayaks.
All the coaches were really impressed with the personal performances today.
Tuesday has given a very calm and sunny day, so we've scheduled a night paddle to take advantage of it. This may be the last one we get before Xmas : )

ps. Many thanks to the Smiths for yet again hosting the Adventure Club Xmas meal & social : )
A great evening of food, wine and entertainment...

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