Sunday, February 10, 2013

stormy stories

We enjoy a fair amount of Coach Development over the winter months, and of course one of our favourite places to practice our own skills, play in the waves and observe wildlife is the awesome Calf of Man.
Friday's weather was fairly fresh, as we headed out through the surf at the Calf Sound.
So many seals about, everyone one an individual character, a little bit choppy for getting the camera out most of the time...
Took a break at South Harbour, and walk over the three Lighthouses breaking the line of the cliffs on West side above the Stack.

It rounded off a very busy week, and gave some preparation time in the afternoon for the weekend ahead, before Coach Development again in the evening...
Thursday had been Coach updates and an in-depth recce of a new Coasteering route.

Youth Scholarship - TR1.
The new intake of Youth Scholarship students got together at Ballabrooie for their first training session.
Those who continue with the Development and Leadership program will take on 18 months of sessions delivered and funded by us.
By Easter this year, the training team will have decided on the destination of their 3 week self-sufficient expedition, and the program is then further tailored to that goal.

This session was preceded by Lifeguard Training with the team at Western Swimming Pool, and following the TR1. adventure, it was straight to the pool again for the second weekly pool session of the current Discover Sea Kayaking 'B' course.

Its going to be a very busy and enjoyable year!

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