Monday, June 09, 2014

Paddling from Peel

We've run a number of sea kayak trips in the last few days from Peel, making use of the shelter from the South easterly breeze...
More visitors over for the TT out on the water.
As well as a few local's giving it a go for the first time!
Also time to squeeze in some Coasteering on Saturday
before the Adventure Club Sunday session which involved a short trip and plenty of wet skills! The sea is noticeably getting warmer now...
Well done Martha on your re-entry & roll!
Looking forward to more of the sunshine continuing next week!

Heard from George to say the team completed their mission and had a great time in the Outer Hebrides, some photo's to follow soon!  Keirron has also spent the last few days coaching in Finland.

Catch you soon
John, Kim and the team

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