Monday, June 15, 2015

Club Circumnav

Starting out from Fenella Beach, Peel on the Thursday mid-afternoon, the team from our Adventure Club who have been training specifically for this mini-expedition, paddled North into the bright sunshine, and a delightful northerly breeze...

...arriving back at Peel late Sunday afternoon, having sea kayaked the whole way round the Isle of Man, in a mixture of weather and sea conditions, wild camping and carrying all provisions with them!

This year’s team have shown a great determination and ability to stay focused on achieving their goal. The island showed the team its beautiful coast line but also demonstrated the wild beast that lives within its winds.  
Well done team 2015 keep paddling
Leader - George Shaw

I would like to thank Adventurous Experiences, George and Jan in particular for their support in providing the opportunity for what has simply been an epic experience, amazing from start to finish!  Many highlights include camping overnight on the beach, watching the sunset, to paddling 34 nautical miles in one day, challenging my mental ability, as well as every muscle in my body, I ache!  I particularly enjoyed learning about sea kayaking skills and putting these into practice in a real and challenging setting, navigating, using transits, although not very well!!!, using my VHF radio, learning about weather and sea conditions, understanding tides, as well as the importance of team work and spirit. As well as this I have learned much about myself, my weaknesses, strengths and things I need to continue to work and improve on. This was simply brilliant and once again thank you!

What an experience! The trip contained every type of experience and emotion – excitement, joy, fear, apprehension, satisfaction and pride. The trip certainly boosted my self-confidence, what with conditions ranging from flat calm at the Ayres, to a torrent at the Calf , and everything in between! This trip is a must for anyone wanting to have a great experience and to see the Island in a way that only the privileged few can. Finally, a big thank you for AE’s support over the past few months and most especially to George for all his help and guidance.
All the best

Brilliant trip - hard, but lots of laughs, food, great memories and blisters on hands. Thanks to everyone on the trip who made it so memorable.

It was an epic weekend with some pretty awesome weather. Very happy to have completed now just need to repair body for next time…

Thank you so much adventurous experiences for getting me in a position to be able to take on this challenge! The changing conditions kept things interesting and meant we had a great sense of achievement when we arrived back in Peel yesterday.
A few memorable moments for me...sunset from Rue point, fighting the wind across Port St Mary bay,  the tide carrying us backwards getting back on the water by the Point of Ayre, the never-ending approach in to Ramsey, eating SO much food (I've eaten my years allowance of jelly beans!), overhead plane acrobatics in Douglas bay, seeing puffins
😊, almost getting taken out by a random set of waves up by Jurby coastline, relief at reaching Fort Island after a long day paddling down the east coast, pitching tents in the wind, hoping my arms wouldn't hurt to lift them the next morning, being so happy to be able to dry some clothes on Saturday, arriving at the Sound to find the conditions too big to run through and being amazed how powerful the race looked that day, and a bouncy ride through the Sound the next morning up to Fleshwick.
I really feel lucky to have been able to share the trip with such an awesome team of people...All of whom I may never have crossed paths with if it wasn't for the adventure club. Special thanks to George for his leadership and guidance throughout the planning stages and the trip itself.
An unforgettable experience!


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