Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Sunday sea kayaking adventures!

Sunday was a great day to be on the water. 
Kim caught the sunrise early...
...and Kelvin got this underwater pic of a small basking shark whilst kayak fishing north of Peel early in the morning.
Our Sea Kayak trips were fully booked, with groups heading both north and south throughout the day
Kathy and Brian contacted us way back in December last year to ask for some help with the challenge of kayaking around the Isle of Man
Setting off on Friday using their Perception double and under our guidance they paddled clockwise round the island from the Sound. Camping each night before finishing their journey on Monday morning, back at the Sound
A great effort with some challenging conditions early on and a couple of very long days on the water....
Always really enjoyable to be able to deliver a bespoke experience for people, a few more pics to follow and looking forward to seeing you again!

The Adventurous Experiences team

PS - A reminder that entries for this years Isle of Man Adventure Race close this Sunday! 

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