Sunday, December 06, 2015

after the storms...

...and before the next one, we headed out to enjoy the conditions  : )

 Sea Kayaking this morning starting in Port St Mary.
We paddled south spotting the surfers at the slabs by Callow Point, past the Sugarloaf Caves and Anvil (producing some interesting conditions), round Black Head and took a break at the Sound.

 After a quick break (sheltered and in bright sunshine), we cruised the return journey, as conditions began to drop... Really glad we didn't wait till later, as the Adventure Club folk enjoy a challenge!
 Driving back past Gansey beach just after 1pm, conditions flat... 

After washing kit, and grabbing some pasta at base, time for a stroll along North Barrule ridge : )
Definitely got the most out of the day!
Catch you soon

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