Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Seals

Sea Kayaking around the Calf of Man today with regular paddlers in the Adventure Club. The wildlife and scenery didn't let us down...

 ...had a closer look at Aquijo, an 85m yacht built in Holland last year (sitting outside Port Erin Bay) before stretching our legs at Cow Harbour, a small harbour overlooking Thousla Rock and the Calf Sound. Admired the snoozing seals and native Loaghtan Sheep....

...then continued round the awesome Calf of Man! 

Hopped off the water at South Harbour, for a hot drinks and fine trail mix, overlooking some seals playing in the sea beneath us...

 Even they knew it was Valentines Day!! : )

 Then back to the beach at Port Erin, blazing sunshine and blue skies continued, as well as a feeling of immense satisfaction!!

Yesterday's Kayak Safety Training for Lifeguards at Western Swimming Pool

A really fun session with the Lifeguard team : )

 Looking forward to catching you on the water soon.

ps. Kim has just returned from leading the Youth Scholarship (Half Term) training hike including white hare spotting on North Barrule!

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