Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Real Experiences

Skills Development - Day 2.

Our Youth Development week progresses with a Coasteering journey around Peel Castle in the morning, and our extended Gorge Scramble at Glen Maye in the afternoon, followed by some free-time at the bouldering beach, in really hot sunshine!

 Evening Sea Kayaking at Peel

 Last night's totally chilled Sea Kayaking Experience from Peel enjoyed some amazing close encounters with seals, as we journeyed south along the cliffy coastline, a warm breeze coming off the land, admiring the rock formations, clear waters, abundant birdlife and inquisitive seals!

Another Monday in the Office

Family Gorge Scrambling Experience

Adventure Club - Skills Development

Using the 'Dragon's Breath' overfall beneath the mighty Drinking Dragon Rock, Calf of Man.

Catch you on the water soon!!
Keirron & the Team

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