Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cogne and Lillaz

The last day of the Cogne Ice Opening...

...meant that our plan to complete all sections of Lillaz, required getting on the routes early : ) Totally different experience for our first few days. All pitches are now well hooked out and very comfortable to lead : ) Had to avoid the amphitheatre which, was pretty busy!

 Same location in February 2014 - conditions fluctuate a lot

Upper pitch of Cascade de Lillaz, a 60m delight which got busy just as we completed it
A French team had been been completing the same route, giving a few useful tips and handed me hot tea and munchies as i finished my final lead!

 Walking off down past the Ice Opening groups and skills clinics leading some exciting things. 

 Mont Blanc from Lillaz

 Italian chocolate ice cream, washed down with a thick, hot chocolate...

 Took a stroll around Cogne, a network of narrow streets set against the snowy mountains

Staying in Cogne village again; a real authentic Italian jewel renowned for both ice climbing and cross-country skiing. Chateau Royale has again been excellent with friendly hospitality and a top notch breakfast is available on request.

A few great places to eat in the town include:

Pizzeria Brasserie Cougnentse - rapid service, great price, genuine folk
La BrasserieDu Bon Bec - traditional, homely and high quality
Pizzeria Bar Liconi - the climbers bar, also has an online climbing guide and blog

Fantastic service at Ezio Sport (just past Bar Liconi) which has every conceivable piece of gear for ice climbing and winter sports.

Looking forward to our next adventure here : )

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