Thursday, May 31, 2018


Family Coasteering Experience

Coasteering experience around the mighty Peel Castle, on the west coast of the Isle of Man. Every experience we deliver is led by highly experienced coaching team, and tailored to the participants and conditions on the day : )

TT Coasteering Experience

We're into the TT Racing fortnight in the Isle of Man, and our Coasteering experiences are proving very popular with visitors seeking thrills outside the course : )

Friday's Sunset Evening Paddle

Friday's sunset evening Sea Kayaking experience took place from Port Erin Beach, and used the sheltered water to get familiar with the kayaks, before journeying out to the headland, coves and caves : )

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking 

Sunday morning Adventure Club training set out from Port Erin beach, and used the coastline to practice various rescue techniques, and then refine them during the advanced water challenges at the Calf Sound : )

A great weekend on and in the water : )

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