Monday, September 02, 2019

Norway '19 - Youth Expedition

Youth Scholarship Expedition to the Arctic Circle

The team on our Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program, successfully completed their wilderness expedition in northern Norway, (9 nights away) exploring the islands, fjords, mountains and glacier out from Tromso arriving back in the Isle of Man on Saturday. A total mix of weather, physical and emotional conditions, washing in glacial meltwater, wild camping each night : )
Campfires, sunsets, fishing for dinner... fierce squalls, challenge and reward! 

Every morning the team completed a beach & coast plastic pick-up from camp.

Our local advanced-water training facility : )

Sunset as the team headed to land into Tromso

Expedition Team - Luke, Lizzie, Fergus, Elizabeth, Jack, Elsie, Leader Becky

 Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron and The Team

Magical, Memorable Moments

Expedition leader Becky Crease catching mackerel from her 'Pilgrim Expedition' sea kayak, (first time fishing) as Liz's line tangles with Becky's, hooks and mackerel zooming about, Keirron trying to untangle hooks - fish - lines amidst a melee of shrieks and excitement as a pod of porpoise surfaced together right beside the team (behind the camera), eagles overhead 🇮🇲 😊 🇧🇻 we then landed on a nearby beach, and BBQ'd the fillets in the sunshine (with couscous) amazing times!

Expedition team on Hollendaren Glacier, as the cloud lifted and offered a spectacular panaromic delight of fjords and mountains in Norway's arctic circle! Leaving our kayaks at camp (fjord level), scrambling and hiking up into the clouds... the glacier had shrunk considerably from the area shown on our map, leaving carved pink granite features 🇮🇲 😊 🇧🇻 we then dropped height efficienly staying just ahead of the cloud and liquid sunshine. Stoves simmering as we washed in the glacial meltwater river beside camp and the fjord turned silky silver... amazing times! 

"The team were encouraged to explore and challenge their physical and metaphorical limitations throughout the expedition." Keirron Tastagh

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