Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Evening Paddle & bioluminescence

Setting out from Niarbyl Bay as the sun gave out its last bright orange glow and slowly turned to crimson and spread laterally across the whole horizon. Tessa and Lee were in no hurry, so we headed offshore a little and watched as the soft spectrum of blues slipped into light grey and finally darkness settled upon us.

Hot Blackcurrent and Kim’s homemade Fudge added a pleasant feel to the experience bringing about complete contentment and let the goings on of the world slip away…

Returning to the sandy strip leading back to the tiny car park, the paddles let off the occasional tiny shimmer or flash. We slowed and experimented with the blades in the water, creating light displays around the kayaks. Before we reached the beach the paddles were sending vivid showers of silver and green lights rushing past and swirling behind us.

This was the perfect end to a stunning evening.

We run Evening Paddles year round, to suit sea conditions and weather. Check the website Calendar for scheduled events or contact me to book a date to suit you or your group..

See you on the next one

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