Wednesday, October 27, 2010

seals, fluffy white pups, and superb sea conditions

Following the yoyo forecast recently has made deciding on adventures even more interesting.
We ran the beginners and improvers sea kayak training sessions from Laxey on the Saturday, completing the October 'Discover Sea Kayaking' course and some small swell meant we could also practice surf landings too :)

Sunday's Intermediate session ran from the Sound, directly into the tidal races, and the strong wind dropped totally leaving perfect wave trains conjured by the Spring tides.
An abundance of seals spread out throughout the Sound gave a pleasant addition to the trip which followed, and baby seal pups on the beaches meant we had to paddle round the Calf just to find a place to land for a break... :)

Anouk was down taking a few pics too, cheers for these!

Also a couple of pics from the rough water mid week session last week...

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