Sunday, February 13, 2011

Corporate Coasteering in February


A pleasantly active finale to a day in early February.  

Saturday began with a coaching session at 9am, paddling South from Peel, Fenella Beach, past small groups of Black Guillemots (unusual at this time of year) and then many hundreds of Common Guillemots swarming off the sea cliffs and filling the area with flashes of black and white, as the residual swell provided a background rumble through the nearby caves and arches.

The arrival of the Guillemots (part of the Auk family) heralds the beginning of the busy bird and marine-life 'visitor' season on the stunning Isle of Man coastline, including Razorbills, Puffins and Basking Sharks. Very exciting!!

With the senses tuely awakened and feeling alive, next was staff 'personal performance' training.
Some pleasing results here and we'll be transfering those skills onto the next session.

A couple of lads (regular visitors to the Island with their families) had requested a Coasteering session

and I was more than happy to oblige : )
Maybe we'll try sea kayaking for your next unforgettable adventurous experience.

A change in the wind and weather will mean a challenging day on the water for the Adventure Club sunday training sessions. It's when conditions change that coaching skills really become apparent. The ability to deliver a safe - fun - learning experience to suit the needs of the students, year round.
Every day is a new day!

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