Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Youth Scholarship - South TR 2.

Meeting up straight after school, we split into two training teams, the first headed up by John and Tony, took to the hills for some land based exercises..

 ...the second lead by George and Keirron kitted up for Coasteering at the beach and then used the 1km run to the getting in point as a warmup for what was to be a demanding session...

 Yet again the students have shown determination and a positive mental attitude. Combined with group awareness, this has allowed us to expand the parameters at an early stage in the program.

Simulations of getting your 'injured' team mate down off the hills concluded the land based group's training. The coasteering team completed shortly after them and returned to the beach for hot blackcurrent and cakes!

The enthusiasm and committment is obvious with each and every one of you.
Its a real pleasure training with you.

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