Monday, March 28, 2011

a week of sunshine...

Paddling the West Coast from Niarbyl Beach
Two wild Mallard ducks 'landed' on the beach whilst we were having a break, and waddled right up to us, providing even more discussion on the Intermediates paddle in the afternoon. Earlier on, before the morning trip for beginners and improvers...
Ian Moon stops for a chat - on way to Paddle round the Isle of Man over 2 days

Plenty of seals by 'seal cave' and great to see Gerry back on the water :)
Both sessions enjoyed sunshine and plenty of wildlife.

Saturday was a hectic, eventful day. We exibited at the Villa Marina till 3pm.
Isle of Man Tourism 'On Your Doorstep' Exhibition
Our stand was opposite Duke Karting - a business which complements our experiences nicely, especially for Corporate Events and large group bookings from off Island. Then it was off to Ballabrooie, swap into wetsuits, meet the group and head to location.
Coasteering Bday party - Peel Castle route
A really cool time, and Alice joined us for most of the route : )
Happy Birthday Rebecca!

During the Week

Youth Scholarship - North TR 7.
Ran from Ballabrooie - Adventurous Experiences base, the team worked on problem solving on the River Neb, with the addition of a certain amount of useful kit.
On the Tuesday, the South TR 7. training session covered kayak safety and rescue scenarios in Port Erin Bay.

Youth Scholarship - Parents Meeting
Having completed 7 weeks of training, all students on the Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program now have an understanding of what it is about.
 As part of the program, we scheduled a meeting for all parents to meet us and discuss the training program, expectations, funding the expedition summer 2012, and any other points. A very positive meeting, and all students will now receive an email sumarising what was discussed and the program going forward.

The journey continues for those who wish to meet the challenge

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