Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventure Race - photo competition winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the photo competition held during the Isle of Man Adventure Race, and many thanks to everyone who entered!

1st Prize of £100 in Adventurous Experiences vouchers - Carl Moon

2nd Prize of £50 in Adventurous Experiences vouchers - Nick Davies

3rd Prize of £25 in Adventurous Experiences vouchers - Kevin Kniveton

Next photo competition - International Training Weekend this September, part of the Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium.

Winning Team of the 2011 Isle of Man Adventure Race
Adventure Club 'Outsiders' 
organiser Keirron Tastagh, Ian Clague, senior partner at official race sponsor PricewaterhouseCoopers, with winning team members George Shaw, James Cooke, David Wormald and Ian Moon.

 winning team with the Race trophy  -   2nd Place Coastguard 'Rockhoppers'      

 A few of the pics from the 2nd day of the Isle of Man Adventure Race

3rd Place Team - Green Mann Spring

An awesome achievement! We're also very pleased that PricewaterhouseCoopers have committed to continuing as the official sponsor of the Isle of Man Adventure Race.
The 2012 event promises to be even more spectacular...

A few words from the teams who won the award for 'most fun'

"...the adventure race was absolutely .... trying to think of adequate adjective ... unbelievable. Well worth the effort travelling 15 guys in a minibus with substandard kit from the south of England for an unforgettable experience. Simon ... and little bro put a superb effort into organising everything and logistically placing each athlete (very loose term!) into firstly teams then events. Opening night meeting was an awkward moment for the more concientious amongst us, with very embarrassing questions coming about by reality of what we had let ourselves in for. Never mind, our preparation was spot on, ... this was just the beginning - I won't bore you with the rest, all I would say is... well done guys and sponsors for organising a tremendous event (you are right we did have the most fun), well done all the boys who attended the trip for me, I hope you all think it was as enjoyable a I thought it was - you all made it for me, thank you to Ascot Hotel in Douglas for your hosopitality - I hope the Berkshire Cheese Tastting Society were well behaved! A big thank you to Si for a very novel adventure and thank you the Isle of Man for providing a great back-drop and great hospitality for the whole event. You wouldn't believe most of the boys want to come back next year to better their times and have promised to prepare slightly better!

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