Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coasteering - stag party

 Saturday's Coasteering around Peel Castle with a stag party over on the Island from Sussex...
 A great bunch of lads, who flew in that morning, checked into the hotel and straight out on the stunning Isle of Man coastline, appreciating the refreshing effects of the April sea water : )
 Pretty keen to get involved in all aspects of the coasteering journey, from steps, swims, caves and climbing.
 A real pleasure to have you out, and we hope you enjoy your mountain biking today!
 Particularly after a few social beverages in town : )

A few links to news articles this week;

Got an update from George Shaw last night;
"All good, swelly stuff today. I am 15 miles from the Sound of Harris..."
George set off paddling around the Outer Hebrides on Thursday morning, completed 40 nautical miles on day 1, and another great day yesterday...
Wind kicks in later today.

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