Monday, April 29, 2013

April's adventures - the summer!

Saturday was a superbly busy and sunny day in and on the water.
The morning Coasteering adventure around Peel Castle enjoyed a fun 'warm-up' in the sheltered section of the route, practising moving through the rock and water environment.
 With everyone up for some increased challenge, we provided opportunity for just that...
Requiring all hands, the unforgettable adventurous experiences will serve to share their memories later...
Sorry for the lack of pics : )

Jack's Coasteering Birthday Party - also met up at Ballabrooie to kit up and the headed to Peel for an afternoon in the sun! 
 As predicted, conditions has lessened with the change of tide, and provided the ideal playground...
for both children and adults in the party!!
 Led by George, Kim and myself, a highly enjoyable adventure hit, with plenty of excitement and action! I know we'll be seeing you all again : )
 Saturday's early Evening Paddle also set out from Fenella Beach, in the real summer weather : )
 Exploring the coastline, inlets, caves and rocks South of Peel, blue sky, bright sunshine, warm weather....
 Finishing back beneath Peel castle.
Thanks to everyone for such a terrific day on the water. Here's to many more like it this summer : )
See you soon

Sunday's sea kayak training sessions ran from Port Erin, the morning beginners following on from last weeks fundamentals and beginners surf, some real improvements in confidence and performance.
Ian again led the Improver's session, focussing on individual balance, manoeuvring and control.

The afternoon session headed to the Calf Sound to play in the spring tide flows, and run through our core Intermediate training, opportunity to bring in the previous weeks of progressive personal skill development.

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