Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Anglesey Symposium - Penrhyn Mawr

 The 30th Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium (1st May Bank Holiday every year) was a spectacular array of kayaks, paddlers and bouncy seas! Registration filled at 150, led by a max coach to student ratio of 1:5.
 I was over with 5 of our coaching team, and 4 members of the Adventure Club, getting involved in both on the water and off the water activities... 
 Journeying around the Stacks from Soldiers Point, the finale being play time in Penrhyn Mawr overfall and tidal race, with a group of fellow paddlers.  
 Working with Aled Williams, George Shaw and Omer (over from Terra Santa, Israel), Sunday has increased wind and some interesting haystack formations...
 I didn't get any pics from the waves on Sunday... there always seemed something to do : )
I'm heading back over at the end of May with an Intermediate group form the Adventure Club, hoping for more of that Anglesey sunshine!

ps. back in time for a stunning bank holiday monday
Adventure Club Paddle : )

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