Friday, July 26, 2013

Exploring Peel...

...from the sea!
 The Coasteering session on Thursday afternoon headed round beneath Peel Castle, one of our classic routes, with challenge for everyone : )
 Enhancing movement, balance teamwork and a feeling of achievement, coasteering is one of our most popular activities, led by our highly experienced, qualified coaches.
Delivery of quality outdoor adventurous experiences requires a high level of judgement, and having the customer as the primary focus. Making informed decisions in a dynamic environment, removing unnecessary risk and retaining the unique character of the activity.
 Coasteering is a journey along a section of coastline... it creates opportunity for real learning and changing individual's perceptions. It is an Unforgettable Adventurous Experience! 
 Certain inherent risks are integral to real adventure... like getting wet and feeling exhilarated : ) 

 Evening Paddle

The Evening Paddle went north from Fenella Beach, round the castle and up the coastline, in stunning conditions. Returning into a sunset, watching the mist rolling down Peel Hill into the town below...

 A fantastic experience with a great group : )

ps. Well done to the 'Four Elementals' all girls adventure race team, who completed their FREE training session with safety training in the bay.

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