Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Holidays

This weekend was the start of the school 'summer holidays' - really pleased the weather is continuing to give a treat to everyone : )

Sunday Sea Kayaking

 Sunday morning's sea kayaking from Port Erin beach, headed south through the tunnel cave, in close to the coast, stopping for a break on a secluded beach, before returning...
 The afternoon sea kayaking split into the Adventure Club training session, led by George who made use of the conditions at the Calf Sound, and the beginners sea kayak trip which went north and explored the old Copper Mines at Bradda Head.
 The Sunday evening paddle set out for Port Erin, and voyaged south, avoiding most of the moving water at the Calf to land at Cow Harbour. Seals in abundance!
 A huge scarred male was meandering his way down the coast in front, to just past Aldrick was a warm up to the collection of playful Atlantic Greys at Thousla Rock and the harbour. It was terrific for the group.
 One younger playful pup must have taken quite a shine to Eve, as it trailed her right back to Port Erin bay, nibbling the kayak toggle, swimming alongside and turning over to show his belly... amazing!
Another brilliant day on the water, thanks to everyone : )

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