Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Coasteering Charter

The National Coasteering Charter (NCC) symposium was well attended over the weekend. It was held in Pembrokeshire, where commercial coasteering in its present form was established. The lively event for coasteering guides was organised by Jet and his team at Adventure Beyond.

Workshops included scenario training - joined up with HM Coastguard, and also supported by the RNLI. Lots of fun coasteering experiences and discussion points. AIM insurance and ALLA both had representatives giving chats over the weekend, and joining in the sessions! : )

If you missed it, you really missed out!!

The weekend was preceded by the NCC National meeting, where the committee made up of voted roles and regional reps from all over the UK come together to share ideas and experiences from each region, and to vote....

 ...in Version 2 of our NCC Documents, which are the Coasteering standard guidelines for providers and guides across the UK, including our environmental Code of Conduct, and the NCC Constitution. 

The National Coasteering Charter represents us, the Coasteering Industry. As such it is the official body that is supported, and just as importantly, recognised, by ALLA, the RNLI, RoSPA, the MCA and the National Water Safety Forum.

The new committee members are Chair - Jethro Moore, Vice chair JP Eatock and Treasurer Mark Agnew, all voted in unanimously.

I've held the post of Secretary (initially of the Coasteering Safety Working Group chaired by the RNLI) and then the NCC since its formation (national meeting - Bristol November 4th 2011).

In the absence of a willing replacement, i've agreed to remain in the role for another 12 months : )
 Here's to sustainable unforgettable coasteering adventures!!

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