Sunday, November 23, 2014

November bliss

 Pics from Saturday's Gorge Scrambling adventure, with a reasonable water level from recent rain...
Team 'here for the beer' - winners of the 2014 Adventure Race award for 'spirit of the race' used their winnings to sign up for the adventure, coincidently with one of the Race's annual supporters Mylchreests.

Entries for Adventure Race 2015 are open online.

 A really fun session!!
Look forward to taking you Coasteering next time : )

Saturday afternoon was the beginning of the last Indoor Kayak courses, before Xmas at Peel Pool, Stages 1 to 5 and the adults Kayak Safety training, 

 Sea Kayaking with the Adventure Club today

 Heading out from Port St Mary, Kim led the beginners group, whilst Tim and myself led the training group towards the Calf of Man...
 The Sound was running well, and so a terrific session of surfing and swimming commenced!!

 Paddling back to Port St Mary in the bright blue skies, photogenic clouds and plenty of smiles and laughs all round!!
See you on the water soon.

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