Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Caves 'n' Coast - exploration

 In a small cave, not far from Peel, a group of strangely-clad fellows sat grinning at one another...
 ... a mixture of exhilaration and trepidation showing on their faces, lit up by the golden evening light...
 ...having swam, crawled, climbed and whooped their way along a series of caves, inlets and deep-water bouldering routes, and rocky coast, they were ready to head contented in the general direction of the bar...
It's been a blast! An evening of fun and conquering - thanks very much, and see you again : )

"Hi Keirron, 
Just to say thanks to you and the team for the fantastic experience of doing Coasteering last night. Jane, Pam and I will be talking about it for days yet I am sure and predict we will be back in the not too distant future! The team you have are very professional but great fun too. I personally enjoyed conquering a strange feeling of uneasiness over heights that has developed over recent years - managed all the jumps with no problems - great fun! 
Cheers, Tim"

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