Monday, August 01, 2011

Port St Mary Lifeboat Day

Adventure Club - Sea Kayak sessions
The morning sea kayak training session - split into two smaller groups and worked on forward paddling with edge control and capsize prevention.
 Later in the session, the group of 'Improvers' headed out into the ocean swell...

Adventurous Experiences 'Try Sea Kayaking'
was offered as part of PSM Lifeboat Day, and raised £30 (weather was a little damp) : )
It allowed some young  paddlers (and parents) to experience a taster session in superb kit and quality instruction, in the sheltered harbour area. Next sessions at Port Erin Raft Races - 21st August 2011;

Whilst this was running, the Intermediates led by George Shaw were enjoying the ideal local conditions : )
George passed his BCU 5* Sea Award recently, and his paddling is growing from strength to strength!

The climax to the day was the arrival of the rescue helicopter (rumoured to be piloted by royalty) to give a demonstration rescue involving winching the Island's new Governor. Just as they were setting up it was called away to real rescue in the Mountains...

Family Coasteering - evening exploration

After washing the kayaking kit back at base, we met the family group, kitted up and headed to Peel for an evening Coasteering Adventure along the inter-tidal zone around the Castle, one of our more used routes.

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