Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adventure Race - update

Just been watching a great interview by John Keggin on this years Isle of Man Adventure Race.
We're seeing a good mixture of ages and male and females in teams for the Amateur and Elite one day races, weekend 15th and 16th June.

Arrived back early this morning with the first 12 brand new SKUK sea kayaks for the 2013 fleet... : )
They are going to look great on the water! 
Looking forward to seeing them racing along the coast in June, past Basking Sharks and Puffins...
Entries need to be in soon to ensure the free kayak session : )

Chris Allix is again entering the mighty DW (devises to Westminster) Canoe Race over the Easter Weekend. Good Luck, we're all behind you : )

ps. Finally looks like we're seeing the end of the snow, scheduled adventures on the water will resume in full from 7th April.

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