Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guillemots Galore!

 Today's Sea Kayaking began at Port St Mary, setting out along the South Coast of the Isle of Man.
 Exploring the caves and sea stacks, watching the chatter and comical flight of the Guillemots nesting on the Sugarloaf Stack and nearby cliff ledges.
 The afternoon Intermediate trip also headed South, through the Calf Sound to South Harbour on the awesome Calf of Man.
 A leisurely stroll up to the three lighthouses, in line with Chicken Rock, for some treats and hot drinks, then journeying back to Port St Mary before dusk.
 As always, an absolute pleasure to see everyone and catch up : )

ps. A quick bit of feedback from last Sunday's Intermediate session from Peel, ran by George.

Hi Keirron - Sunday was excellent - high winds, good swell, rock hopping, caves, incident management, rough water landing and launch and a squall thrown in. Great fun and plenty of learning.

See you Sunday

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