Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coasteering Norway!

I've been in Norway working with Kyrre, Ronny and Hallvart at God Tur Norge AS, training in the icy fjords... As well as implementing the National Coasteering Charter (NCC) systems, they are the first providers of coasteering in Norway!
Using their idyllic entry level route, Kyrre and Ronny led the first clients through their intertidal journey yesterday, amidst occasional snow showers...
As existing certified BCU leaders and coaches, as well as Norwegian swift water rescue technicians, it has been a rewarding journey and great learning experience : )
Also did some paddling last weekend, amongst the archipelago islands outside Bergen, (Bergenshalvoyen), rounding off the day with a Walrus and Dolphin!
The Walrus sighting was quite unusual, the first in 30 years... and it made the local paper - Bergen Tidende. It was a young male, out on his own adventurous expedition, and had likely come down from Svalbard, an island at 78 degrees, in the far North...

Watching the sunset at a local marina later on, a dolphin playing around the drifting segments of thin ice, it really couldn't be better. Any sheltered stretches of water were still under ice, much to the swan's dismay.
I've been staying with Halvard in the centre of Bergen, bringing back lots of fun memories from the previous Youth Scholarship expeditions out here.
Flying back home tomorrow, leaving the snow behind... I think : )

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