Saturday, December 28, 2013

a perfect day

 I was up this morning, whilst the stars were still bright,
checking my camera and gauging the light...
 ...for sunrise was coming, and i'd a location to choose,
from Douglas prom and its coffee, and a different aspect to muse... the Calf of Man island, with spectacular views...
 I decided on both, before I headed to 'work', masses of wildlife, with tranquillity a perk : )
 Seals in abundance, laid out in the sun, stranded by the ebbing tide, any noise and they'd 'run'!
 So I practised the stealth approach, slipping quietly through, the rushing tide at the Sound, downwind of the 'crew'. 
In my bright orange jacket, and yellow kayak to boot, it was a miracle they dozed, as I continued the shoot!

Then over to Peel, where the kids training course is run,
their second day in the pool, with splashing and fun!!
 all sorts of manoeuvres, with skills part of the mix, developing their kinesphere as well as some tricks.
 Rescues and races, paddles and hands, solo and team tasks, water and land.
 Bring on tomorrow, more sun so i'm told, combining outdoors and indoors, avoiding the cold.
Opportunity for all folk, to learn a new sport, be active, be healthy, and generally outdoors!!

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