Sunday, December 01, 2013

talk of the Ginger seal

Senior Adventure Club - Sea Kayak Training

 Saturday's Senior Adventure Club members sea kayak training session ran from the Calf Sound, taking in the Overfalls in both the little and big sound, before heading to the Drinking Dragon for the meaty part of the session : )
 With quite a few onlookers, lying on the rocks around South Harbour, the exercises used the strong eddy lines, whirls and various streams to good effect, producing some vertical manoeuvres and the occasional swim! Eyes were out for the vibrant mammal, but we didn't spot it....

Sunday Adventure Club Paddles

 Today kicked off early at the Sound, with a quick ferry over for Dan the warden, a nice walk along the cliff paths and back across in time to meet the regular Adventure Club group.
Dan has also spotted the Ginger Seal during his time on the Calf year, and agreed it was extremely rare.
He also mentioned over 50 seal pups were born this Autumn.
 The solemn male Atlantic Grey seals watched bemused as the brightly coloured kayaks played in the standing waves nearby, whilst the youngsters swam around the boats, and played in the waves alongside! 
George and Kim led the rough water training, whilst me and John headed round Black Head and up to Sugarloaf Caves with the group who have progressed from the Discover Sea Kayaking course to joining as members of the Adventure Club.
On the way back we passed Dougie and Beef working on new routes high above...

An enjoyable paddle all round!
Good to have Keri and Steve on the water (over on Island for a week), fresh back from a few months mountaineering in the Everest region, via Kathmandu. They'll be returning to Chamonix for the winter season shortly, so hoping to catch them over there in early 2014...

Heard rumours of white stuff here by end of this coming week : )

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