Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Kayak Safety Training

 Last night's Indoor Pool Kayak Safety training course continued on from last week, with predominantly 1:1 coaching, except where working in pairs was very useful (such as rescues) : )
 Really focussed effort from everyone. It's a pleasure to look around and observe the structured learning,  individual progression, and a sense of general calm.

Charlie is achieving excellent results with his Eskimo roll. I'm looking forward to seeing that in action on the sea this Sunday!! Thanks as always to the coaching team for their commitment.
The Indoor Pool session followed Sam's Fitness Training - Preparation for Fitness.

With a Master's in strength and conditioning, Sam Murphy heads up our entire fitness training program.
October to March is the 'Fundamental Movement Patterns', a progressive stretching and preparation program he designed and developed.
Beginning each Tuesday evening, 6:30pm at Patrick Hall, it lasts and hour and is well worth the travel!

Navigation and expedition planning was the structure of the Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program - TR. 28, focussing on the team's circumnavigation of the Isle of Man this coming Easter. Back outdoors again next week, for night navigation!

See you soon

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