Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adventure Race - Day 1

A few pics from day 1. of the Isle of Man Adventure Race 2012, based from Peel on the West Coast.
 Sorry we can't put up loads more, such a terrific day!! Well done everyone for a safe, well run swim, kayak and bike disciplines...
 Link to results from today at the bottom, looks like there is everything to compete for tomorrow!
 Routes were adjusted to take into consideration the weather and sea conditions, good solid judgement to the organisational team, an excellent job : ) I staying mostly on the camera throughout...
 Despite some fog and some wet conditions, competitors managed to complete the demanding routes, and produce some stylish performances to boot!
 Finished down Slieau Whallian, to the farm with flap jacks and cake from Katia, and spring water supplied throughout the day by Green Mann Spring.
Link to results from Day 1.

See you all at Peel for the Run and Rope Climb tomorrow.
Kicking off at 10am Fenella Beach for the run, and 11:15am for the Rope Climb from the crane!

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