Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corporate Team Building

 A few images from the Corporate Team Building afternoon today, which began with a briefing and chat at Ballabrooie (Adventurous Experiences Base) and then headed for one of our exploratory Coasteering routes, sheltered from the sea breezes.
 A mixed ability group, with different expectation, needs and anxiety levels...
 Bright sunshine, a terrific journey away from the office and anything 'normal'...
 ...with a fun team of folk!
 Looking forward to working with you again : )

Coach Development
This morning's Coach Development was a river trip...
 Levels were just perfect for the session, a nice performance. 
 Finished the day with Sam's Circuit Training at Ballabrooie, still sunny...
Coach Development tomorrow morning should be invigorating : )

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