Monday, June 25, 2012

Coasteering & Sea Kayaking

 Coasteering journey for a local Youth Club on the Isle of Man, on a warm evening in June.
 A great way to spend a Thursday evening, looking forward to seeing you all again!
 Sunday's sea kayaking ran from Port St Mary, and used the coastline up to Sugarloaf caves and the Anvil for a journey with intermittent coaching and rock hopping...
 Then in the afternoon, the Intermediate session paddled to the Calf Sound, using the spring tide flow through the 'Little Sound' to practice moving water skills, lots of rescues, some interesting and some excellent body postures and rotation noted during the session!
 Sam was on hand to deliver some ideas on variable practice, and individualised feedback.
 obviously some great facial expressions as well!
 Next Sunday has a little more wind anticipated, so we'll develop some of the manoeuvring skills in the wind, we've worked on earlier.
nice re-entry and rolls as well folks, well done!

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